The Bar Bandit
(Patent pending)


Introducing the next great bar accessory for serving and wowing your drinking guests:                                     The Bar Bandit!

Bar Bandit Demo Video
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 Now you can build your own Bar Bandit! This step-by-step guide lists all  the required parts, detailed schematics, and clear steps to create a Bar Bandit of your own.

Build your own Bar Bandit: (A Step-by-Step Guide)
$12.00 (includes shipping)
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Utilizing a genuine Wunder-Bar soda dispensing gun and requiring no electricity or  water source, it is designed to keep your serving area free of additional bottles, cans and 2 liters so you can dispense and create cocktails quickly and more professionally.

Lightweight and completely portable, the Bar Bandit will fit in a cabinet or underneath a countertop. 

Powered only by Co2. It will keep carbonated liquids fresh indefinitely. Designed to do away with handling of bulky 2-liter bottles, yet retain the money saving benefits of purchasing soda in the 2-liter size.

Initially created to assist the mobile bartender at weddings, banquets or wherever large parties might be held, the system is also the perfect compliment for the at home bar. Also, for the host who already has a kegerator set up at home, the Bar Bandit can be interconnected with your existing Co2 system!

Technical specifications:
Height- 18"
Width- 12"
Depth- 12"
Capacity- 4 2-liter soda bottles
Wunder-Bar 4-flavor pre-mix soda gun
Co2 canister- 20 oz. (Pressure dispensing for over 50 2-liters of soda!)
(Patent pending)

"The BarBandit is such a fantastic idea.  Showing up at an event with the soda gun is one more feature I can use to sell my bartending service.  This takes mobile bartending to new heights of professionalism.  Thank you!"
Kellie Nicholson,


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